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What are the differences between nano silicon fire-resistant glass and grouted fire-resistant glass?

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Fireproof glass is a type of measure type fireproof material with characteristics such as transparency,heat insulation,flame retardancy,and smoke isolation.In the event of a fire,it can block smoke,spread the fire,and control heat radiation to the back fire surface for a certain period of time.At present,fire-resistant glass in China can be divided into thermal insulation type and non thermal insulation type based on its fire resistance performance.The most commonly used types of heat-resistant fire-resistant glass are grouting fire-resistant glass and nano silicon fire-resistant glass.So,what are the differences between the two types of heat-resistant fire-resistant glass?



Nano silicon fire-resistant glass


The difference between nano silicon fire-resistant glass and grouted fire-resistant glass:

1.The working principle is different.

Working principle of grouting fire-resistant glass:When the glass breaks,the fire-resistant liquid quickly expands when exposed to heat,forming a white fire-resistant seal that can achieve a 1-hour insulation and fire prevention effect.

Working principle of composite fire-resistant glass:With the excellent combination of fire-resistant glass and fire-resistant film(fire-resistant silicon),it can achieve a 60 minute and 90 minute overall non cracking of the glass,and a temperature rise of about 65℃on the back fire surface,to some extent isolating the heat on the front fire surface,protecting personnel and financial safety,and striving for more rescue time.

2.The production and processing techniques are different.

Inorganic nano silicon fire-resistant glass is made by injecting inorganic expandable nano silicon fire-resistant adhesive into the middle of two or more layers of glass through condensation optimization and composite.The grouted fire-resistant glass is made by injecting fire-resistant liquid into the middle of two pieces of glass through physical air drying and solidification.The cured fire-resistant liquid is a transparent crystalline body.The pouring technology and the flatness of the glass raw material directly affect the qualified rate of the finished product.

3.Different weather resistance performance.

Grouted fire-resistant glass is made of fire-resistant liquid.Due to the characteristics of the product itself,it cannot withstand long-term ultraviolet radiation,otherwise it is prone to yellowing,foaming,and even leakage.Its weather resistance is poor and cannot be used outdoors for a long time.The nano silicon fireproof resin used in the nano silicon fireproof glass is hard,physically and chemically stable,and has strong weather resistance.


Grouted fire-resistant glass is prone to foaming during long-term outdoor use

4.Different usage locations.

Grouted fire-resistant glass is generally used in indoor areas that are not exposed to sunlight,such as fire-resistant glass doors and windows,fire-resistant glass partitions,etc.Nano silicon fire-resistant glass is not limited by the usage location and can be used both indoors and outdoors.It is also an excellent material for fire-resistant doors,windows,partitions,and curtain walls.

Through the above introduction of the functions and application differences between nano silicon fire-resistant glass and grouted fire-resistant glass,we hope that everyone can have a certain understanding and understanding of fire-resistant glass.

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