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Protect the safety of every piece of tempered glass! Fuyuan Homogenizing Furnace Efficiently Solves

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After self explosion of tempered glass

Self explosion of tempered glass refers to the phenomenon of tempered glass breaking without external direct action.During the process of tempering processing,storage,transportation,installation,and use,tempered glass self explosion may be induced.

Reasons for self explosion of tempered glass

1.Impurities present

Part of the glass is semi tempered or simply thickened,and there are more impurities,stones,and air in the glass,which become weak points and are prone to crack propagation.

Nickel sulfide(NiS)and heterogeneous particles

Tempered glass cannot be controlled to self explode,which may also be caused by the presence of NiS particles or other heterogeneous particles inside the glass.The initiation and propagation of cracks in glass are mainly caused by residual stresses generated near the particles.This type of stress can be divided into two categories,one is the phase change stress during the phase change expansion process,and the other is the residual stress generated by the mismatch of thermal expansion coefficients.

2.Improper installation

During the installation process,if the installation gap is small or the glass comes into direct contact with the frame,the expansion coefficient between the glass and the frame may be different under sunlight exposure,which can easily cause squeezing pressure on the edges or corners of the glass and induce tempered glass cracking.

3.Natural factors

Strong typhoons and other wind disasters can lead to the failure of wind pressure resistance design,which can cause the rupture of tempered glass.

Tempered glass,as a safety glass,still has a certain risk of self explosion.The main way to solve this phenomenon is to control the quality of glass raw materials and control the stress of tempered glass within an appropriate range.Homogenization treatment is widely recognized as an effective method to solve the problem of self explosion.After homogenization treatment in a homogenizing furnace,the self explosion rate of the finished tempered glass can be reduced to less than one in ten thousand,greatly improving the safety performance of the tempered glass.

The characteristic of self explosion of tempered glass has always troubled the entire industry.Fuyuan homogenization furnace can efficiently solve the problem of self explosion and significantly improve the safety performance of tempered glass.The qualified rate and finished product rate of tempered glass after homogenization will be greatly improved,thereby improving the safety and reliability of tempered glass in buildings.At present,the Fuyuan homogenization furnace equipment is widely used by most enterprises due to its superior performance and has won a lot of praise!The Fuyuan homogenization furnace equipment ensures that all users can use it with peace of mind and peace of mind.Welcome to inquire and place orders!

(Glass homogenization furnace+composite fireproof glass polymerization furnace(one machine dual use type))

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