Hot working machinery

Glass  heating  bending furnace  FY-XH-2

Glass heating bending furnace FY-XH-2

Glass heating bending furnace FY-XH-2,Glass hot bent coffee tables and hot bent engineering glass can be produced in a single furnace or a circulating furnace.Circular production consists of a main furnace and a seconda...
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The machine can produce by single and cycle furnace.When producing circularly,it's made up one main furnace and another cooling furnace named vice furnace.The platform for heating rises up and down by electricity.The underneath is operated semi-automatically.It keeps temperature well,economizes electricity,operates easily,gets high efficiency.It's suitable for heat bending glass furniture,glass table and decorative project glass.

Foshan Fuyuan Glass Technology Co.,Ltd.has been focusing on the research and development of glass hot working machinery since its establishment in 199...
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